Quintrex Open Boats


Tinnies are durable, versatile and built to last years of fun and enjoyment, they are a quintessential part of boating, since most of us have owned one or know someone who has one!

Quintrex Tinnies feature a single piece extrusion with a small exterior keel for structural strength and durability. A unique feature in the open boat range (3.5 metres upwards). It helps with tracking, provides protection when on the trailer and against debris in the water or when parking on the beach. It also provides a keel-effect when at rest in cross-wind and strong current situations.

From the much-loved 310 Fish Nipper to the spacous and versatile 600 Fishseeker, there’s a Quintrex Open Tinny to suit your needs – whatever they may be.

Quintrex Open Boats

Quintrex 310 Dart

Built on strong 1.35mm clinker pressed side sheets, this well constructed model is light for easy handling. Read More >>

Quintrex 350 Dart

Crabbing? Fishing? Maybe just lying around... this Tinny can do it all. Read More >>

Quintrex 370 Dart

With a little more room to move, and a max rating of 20HP, this Tinny is a great option for those wanting more options. Read More >>

Quintrex 400 Dart

With a beam of 1.69m and overall length of 4.00m, this model is the largest in the Dart range and offers fantastic stability at rest and while underway, while also leaving plenty of room for all the gear. Read More >>

Quintrex 420 Dory

Nothing says Australian Tinny like the 420 Dory - it's Australia's most popular selling model.  Read More >>

Quintrex 420 Busta

Want value? Want performance? Want versatility? the Quintrex 420 Busta is model for you. Read More >>

Quintrex 440 Dory

With 3mm bottom sides, a 2.01m beam and a maximum length of 4.54m; the 440 Dory is a great option for those looking for tough tinny with a little extra room. Read More >>

Quintrex 460 Dory

Estury fishing, reef fishing, bay fishing... Lots of fishing. That's what the Quintrex 460 Dory is good at. Read More >>

Quintrex 600 Fishseeker

Like taking your mates fishing but don't like getting too close? The 600 Fishseeker can carry 6 people - and they all get a metre each! Read More >>

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